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A Book Has Been Written About Ron and Myself

I’m excited to announce that a book has been written about my family (mostly about Ron and myself) by a great author, Tracie White, and published by a major publishing company. In the US and Australia it’s called "The Puzzle Solver". The UK Publisher named it "Waiting for Superman". (I’m not sure about other countries but it will be available worldwide). It tells my life story as well as my father’s and intertwines that with my current fight to survive and Ron’s fight to find a cure for ME/CFS before its too late for me (and many of you).


When I first heard of the book while on Ativan at the hospital I quickly realized how important this was and what a unique opportunity it was. I went into adrenaline mode and began what would be a long and strenuous sacrifice to communicate to her as much as I possibly could about my life, my experience with ME/CFS and what the landscape was like for ME/CFS patients; what we go through, how all the various government and societal systems have treated us throughout the last four decades, how much we truly suffer, the fact that the true reality of the horror of severe ME/CFS is way worse than anyone including the ME/CFS community realizes (homelessness, dying on the streets, not identified as ME/CFS related deaths because they were never diagnosed, etc). I truly hope I did all of you justice. I did my best, even prioritizing communicating to Tracie over my doctors. I always kept her here as long as she could stay, before she had to leave for the sake of her safety driving a dangerous mountain road to get home. She made an incredible effort to always be here when I was on Ativan and she deserves accolades from this community for her effort.

This is a huge opportunity to break through the wall of ignorance that has kept us in the shadows of prejudice for decades by finally reaching the general public with the truth about ME/CFS. We are all hoping it will be a bestseller and the publisher thinks it will be. But in order for it to have a chance at that, it needs to sell a lot of pre-orders. The more pre-orders that sell the more copies they print, which in turn affects how the New York Times looks at the book, or if they do.

We need this to be a bestseller.

So I’m going to ask all of you, even if you can’t read right now, to pre-order a physical copy of the book. And tell everyone you possibly can to also pre-order a physical copy. Spread the word to everyone you know and your whole social network. This is so important.

The public becoming aware of the truth about this illness is the best possible way to pressure NIH and other countries to increase the budget for ME/CFS research to appropriate levels. This is is a real chance at the hundreds of millions of dollars of research funding that we all deserve.

So pre-order a copy today and spread the word!

The best way to pre-order it is through an independent local bookstore. But more important is to just preorder it wherever you can. A physical paper copy is best but anything is better than nothing. Here are some links in various countries.

USA link:
Books Inc, an independent San Francisco based bookstore is a great place to pre-order. Tracie used to visit there while coming to see me and likes to recommend this store.

Also Amazon is fine

Canada link:

UK link:

Australia link:

EU link:

How to buy products on Amazon from European countries:

If this doesn’t work, Waterstones in the UK ships internationally. But it would be better to pre-order “The Puzzle Solver” version from Amazon or elsewhere if you can.

Finland, Norway and Sweden Link:

The Netherlands link:

India link:

You can also request that your local library purchase the book which would allow us to pre-order way more copies.

You'll need this information for them:
The Puzzle Solver: A Scientist's Desperate Quest to Cure the Illness that Stole His Son (Hardcover)
By Tracie White, Ronald W. Davis, PhD (With)
ISBN: 9780316492508
ISBN-10: 0316492507
Publisher: Hachette Books
Publication Date: January 5th, 2021


Donate to ME/CFS research at the Open Medicine Foundation to help stop the suffering of millions and end ME/CFS.

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